BWW: Studio Specs

The specs of the BWW space and what we provide our writers:

  • 200 square foot secure studio
  • network printer stocked with paper and ink
  • basic book binding supplies (awl, bone folder, thread, bookbinding needles, etc)
  • on-site WiFi
  • Google Apps account with BWW email, calendar, docs, and more
  • publication and featured writer profile on the BWW website
  • access to Boulder Creative Collective exhibition space as a venue for performances and workshops
  • connection to outreach opportunities with Boulder Fringe, Boulder Public Library and the BLDG 61 Maker Space, Jaipur Literature Festival, and other community partners
  • managerial and logistical support for proposed projects and initiatives

These are the basic offerings that we will open with, and we plan to grow this support over time. Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see added to this list, and you know we will work like hell to bring it to fruition.

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