And so it begins…

After four months of hard work and steady collaboration, BWW is ready to step into the world!

 We applied for the BAC’s Innovation Fund to fund a 6-month starter project, and in the preliminary scoring we are ranked 4th out of the 13 applicants. The hearing for the Innovation Fund is on June 15th, and we can use all the help you can offer. While we are confident going into our presentation, it will make a big difference if we have letters of support and/or attendance at the meeting itself from people who believe in this emerging project.

We are the new kids on the block and need to demonstrate how much this space can mean for our community — that means YOU, the writers, the muses, and the musicians, the painters, the performers, and the patrons, the students, the professors, the passersby, and the ones who have always longed to peek behind the artists’ curtain to see hows, whys and whats of creation and collaboration.

If you are interested in applying to use the space as a writer, attend performances and/or workshops, participate in a collaboration, or want to publicly support a new kind of creative multi-use venue in Boulder, we want to hear from you. We will post more details soon on ways to get involved, but for now please contact us and let us know who you are, what you’re up to, and how you think BWW can work to better serve Boulder as a whole.

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