Here’s what some of our community supporters have to say about the Boulder Writers Warehouse:

I don’t know what I would do without the Boulder Writers Warehouse. Coming in to facilitate workshops every Monday evening (since September) has felt like returning home. BWW is such a unique space in that it has allowed me to both share my passion for writing & yoga with others as well as be sustained by it myself in the business sense. I know many others look forward to the community we have created there and also feel sustained by it.

June Lucarotti, MFA, Restorative Yoga & Creative Writing Facilitator

We are excited about the prospect of the Boulder Writers Warehouse and…we believe the writer’s residency program and subsequent programming will become an important and valuable asset not only to the local writing community but also the larger creative community in Boulder.

Mardee Goff and Nicole Dial-Kay, Curator and Manager of Audience Engagement at BMoCA

The impact of Boulder Writers Warehouse and the collaborative potential of this proposal is dynamic and inspiring.

Janet Hollingsworth, Creative Technologist at BLDG 61: Boulder Library Makerspace

This is just the kind of innovative project that the city of Boulder needs to invest in. It is collaborative, resourceful, originative, and fills a great needs in our arts-based city.

Liberty Shellman, Executive Director at Boulder Fringe

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been in a number of conversations about the future of arts and culture in Boulder. Based on those conversations, I think [Boulder] Writers Warehouse will fill an important niche. Over and over again, the greatest need I’ve heard articulates is the need for multi-purpose space that can be shared, while providing opportunities to cross-fertilize across artistic disciplines…The Writers Warehouse will provide means fro literary artists to participate in a powerful, multi-deminsional collaboration.

Joni Teter, Boulder Library Foundation and Library Commission

It is well-known that space in which artists can create, collaborate, and interact with other artistic minds and mediums is difficult to find in Boulder. We struggle to find venues for performance, to locate and meet artists who will help remold our own work, or simply to find a place to be artistically free and open. Boulder Writers Warehouse offers that venue.

Hadley Kamminga-Peck, Ph.D,  CU Art Museum and Dept of Theatre and Dance